Mauro Fabbro


Mauro Fabbro was born in Bollate-Milano in 1973, from his formative years at the State Institute of Art in Monza, he developed a passion for design, architecture and visual arts Mauro Fabbro was born in Bollate-Milano in 1973. His passion for design, architecture, arts developed while he was a student at the Istituto d'Arte in Monza. He graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. It was thanks to his first professional assignment for Pierluigi Ghianda that he studied the work of the greatest Italian designers (Aulenti Bellini Boeri Castiglioni Frattini ...) producing the handdrawings for the Bottega Ghianda's catalogue of furniture and objects. In 2000 he began working with Letizia Caruzzo at the Politecnico di Milano, Laboratory of Architecture of Interior -School of Architecture-, and in the professional activity within Caruzzo Fabbro Architetti associati - The Studio CF mainly deals with interior architecture in the residential, commercial and hospitality, consultancy for yacht design, research and urban planning activities in Italy and abroad. The Studio CF in particular draws prestigious residences (Milan, London, Paris, Gstaad, Mykonos, Limassol) from architecture to interior design, complete with custom-made furnishing accessories. MF combines the profession of architect with the passion for art and design, making artistic experimentation and producing furniture prototypes and furnishing accessories according to his own research. In 2010 the exhibition "Mauro Fabbro, variations, lumière et parchemin" starts the collaboration with the Alexandre Biaggi Gallery in Paris. The collection of parchment lamps edited exclusively by the Alexandre Biaggi Gallery, has been enriched since 2016 with new furniture, presented in 2019 at the PAD in London.