Raised in Argentina, Kim Moltzer was born in Berlin to a Dutch family of Austrian origin. He began his studies at the Polytechnic School of Lausanne before settling in Paris at the end of the 1950s. In 1966, he founded ECFI (Études construction formes industrielles) with the architect Jean-Paul Barray. In 1968, Design SA published the Rosace table and then the Penta line with the German rm Bo nger. For the decorator Henri Samuel, he designed with Jean-Paul Barray a lamp with pivoting metal faces. In addition, he tted out a hotel in Como in Italy, worked for the National Education and designed seats for the house of President Pompidou in Cajarc in the Lot. In 1974, Kim Moltzer closed his design of ce but continued his work as an interior designer, which he had begun a few years earlier. He imagined highly constructed volumes where light plays a predominant role. For his very con dential private clients, he designed furniture and lighting in bronze or brass in which we can recognize bamboo stems, giant plant leaves or ower pistils, creations of re nement coupled with a touch of humor that suits him perfectly. After his death, his daughter Isabelle continued the work of her father and publishes exclusively with the gallery Alexandre Biaggi the console console Griffe.