Hervé Van der Straeten and Alexandre Biaggi celebrate a 20 year collaboration. To mark this occasion, the Gallery has produced and will present new exclusive pieces created by Hervé Van der Straeten with new material: bronze, marble and alabaster.

This collection, inspired by the Italian Futurism movement, consists of a bronze “Twiggy” oor and table lamp, two bronze and alabaster “Eos” lamps, a bronze “Labyrinth” console and gueridon and a pair of alabaster “Séléné” wall lights.

Alexandre Biaggi, an antique dealer and expert in the eld of 20th century decorative arts, has been editing contemporary furniture since 2000. Biaggi developed this activity with several French and international designers, who create exclusive models for him.

Among the pieces created by Hervé Van der Straeten for the Galerie Alexandre Biaggi since 2000, a new version of the “Patmos” lamp will be presented carved in a block of alabaster

“A creation by Hervé Van der Straeten is immediately recognizable. From his subtly balanced deconstructed consoles to the extraordinary, historical Chinese lacquer cabinets, I have always admired his cheerful and stylish way of working; contemporary and traditional materials coexist with elegance and imagination”, explains Alexandre Biaggi.

In 1999, Hervé Van der Straeten created his initial pieces of furniture. A year later, Hervé Van der Straeten and Alexandre Biaggi worked together for the rst time and the designer developed a very personal style. Hervé Van der Straeten’s mirrors, lamps and furniture are appreciated by international collectors and decorators. The Mobilier National and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs have acquired some of his works.

For Hervé Van der Straeten: “Alexandre Biaggi has a certain “Biaggi taste” which combines in a casual and creative way, di erent genres and subjects. Alexandre is precise, demanding, a true taste-maker. I have always appreciated the elegant way he presents pieces at the gallery – he masters harmony and balance.”

Today, the duo celebrate 20 years of complicity with the creation of this « COLLECTION PARTICULIÈRE ».

"Twiggy" floor lamp - Bronze and marble / © Cécil Mathieu
"Eos" wall light - Alabaster / © Cécil Mathieu
"Labyrinthe" console and side table - Patinated Bronze
"Séléné" sconce - Bronze and alabaster / © Cécil Mathieu