Belonging to the prestigious ducal family of the dukes of Milan, Osanna Visconti was brought up in Roma. Surrounded from an early age by works of arts designed for her mother by Lucio Fontana, Mario Ceroli and Arnaldo Pomodoro, she discovered the world of art at an early age.


Osanna Visconti studied the art of jewellery making at the Accademia della Moda e del Gioiello and was apprenticed to Teresa Schwendt in Roma. After honing her skills at the Gemological Institude of America of New York, she returned to Roma, where she discovered and fell in love with Cera Persa : lost-wax casting. Her affinity with this technique and her taste for jewellery have given an unique character to her creations, which now include small everyday objects and furniture.




Most of her works are inspired by nature. Branches, reeds, flowers and leaves are assembled, moulded and cast in bronze, taking on the eternity of this fascinating material. Fragile canework and delicate textiles take on the strength of armour. It is this blend of fragility and strength, of temporality and eternity, that gives all Osanna Visconti’s works their poetry and fascinating beauty. Osanna Visconti’s creations can be found in numerous international collections and in the Dior Maison boutique.


In 2024, Galerie Alexandre Biaggi is delighted to present an exclusive edition of the ‘Damasco’ coffee table, a 17th-century Damascus cast in bronze. It is suspended in the air and in time by the magic of bronze casting.



‘Damasco’ Coffee table

Italy, design 2023


H: 12. 5/8’’ / L: 43. 1/4’’ / D: 17. 3/4’’