Artistic director in the world of images, graphic designer, typographer, photographer, designer of precious objects and furniture, Jean Grisoni works in different areas. After a long period spent in the world of jewelry and contemporary jewelry, he naturally turned to the creation of furniture. Born in Oran, of Corsican and Neapolitan blood, he draws most?of his inspiration from his maternal Mediterranean, without denying the roots of design. His register is that of brutal poetry: the modesty of the effects being for him the secret of the intact emotion. His style is marked by the oppositions he likes to play with: smooth and rough, the raw and precious, matt and shiny, brutality and sophistication. Single pieces or very small series, he marks the bronze with silver, gold leaf or worn lacquer. The meeting with Alexandre Biaggi became very quickly obvious and complicit. The style of the jewels created by Jean Grisoni can be found today in the exclusive lighting xtures presented by?the gallery: allusions to crimp, structured fasteners, rich surfaces, inventive contrasts.